Deep learning for Project implementation training in Pallikaranai, Chennai

SPLASH - Deep learning is step advanced in Machine learning. Popular Deep learning frameworks are TensorFlow and PyTorch. Artificial intelligence has different abilities like NLP, Computer vision, Decision making. In this course we are aiming to cover various Task/problem and implementing using Deep Learnming Methods.

Different task were discussed in Deep Learning with PyTorch training and Deep Learning with TensorFlow Training

In real time project implementation, our experts will start with how to create simple hello word like example using Deep Learning framework for prediction. Then dives into Optimization to improve the algorithm accuracy. Later covers different problem with text data using Sequence model like RNN and LSTM.

Deep Learning for Real time Project implementation training


Module 1 – Neural Networks and Deep Learning

  • Introduction to deep learning
  • Neural Networks Basics
  • Shallow neural networks
  • Deep neural networks
  • Live project : Starting with Deep learning

Module 2 – Improving DNN: Hyperparameter, Regularization and Optimization

  • Regularization
    • Reduces Overfitting
    • Dropout
  • Regularization
    • Gradient descent
    • Dropout
  • How to pick Hyper parameter
  • Softmax Regression
  • Live Project : Training DNN

Module 3 – Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)

  • Foundations of CNN
  • Padding and Pooling Layers
  • Data Augmentation
  • Live project : Face recognition
  • Live Project : Object Detection

Module 4 – Sequence modeling

  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
  • Backpropagation
  • Long Short term Memory (LSTM)
  • Live Project : Language Model
  • Live Project : Sequence Generation (Next word Prediction)

Module 5 – Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Word Embedding
  • Word2Vec and Sampling
  • GloVe word vectors
  • Live Project : Sentiment Classification

Even Deep Learning is bit advanced Machine Learning, if you are good in basic of Data Analytics, learning Deep Learning is much simpler. One can master in Data analytics by Learning Data analytics using Python or Data analytics using R

SPLASH - A DATA training institute, our attention towards DATA. Our custome training course are relevent to the job market.