RISK MAP - A Crowd Sourcing Social Media Analytics for natural disaster management. Pallikaranai, Chennai

Project Description

    The disaster recovery management system using crowd sourcing, App will be really helpful to visualize the affected areas when the disaster is occurred. The Visualization has been done by google maps and the necessary geographical coordinates will be mined using NLP from the raw text.

Text which is posted by people on social media, Using an NLP algorithm and Named Entity Recognition the location entity will be extracted. This idea came from during Chennai floods. RISK MAP conceptual idea awarded best projects at National level competition.

Project Tasks

  • 1Social Media Platform Authentication
  • 2Streaming Social Media Data - Collection
  • 3Text Pre-Processing
  • 4Applying NLP algorithm - learned representation for text
  • 5Named Entity Recognition - Extracting the location from data
  • 6Get Lat & Long from Address/Location
  • 7Map Visualization Using Location Data
  • 8Deployment with Real Time Scenario

Installation & Setting-up

    Its choice of students, one can visit our centre In Pallikaranai, Chennai for the final year project traininig and implementation. Project conculting and training on Social Media analytics for disaster management, student can get overall knowledge on Text processing and NLP. Students from different city can easily engage with us over remote. Project training and installation of related tools will be taken care by our experts over remote system sharing.

Our Pallikaranai, Chennai project training institute offers best training courses on AI, Deep learning, Machine Learnig and Big Data Hadoop, No-SQL. In the centre we also providing projects related training and development on Social Media Analytics in Pallikaranai, Chennai.

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