Health care and Life science Analytics - Fatal Brain anomaly detection using Deep Neural Network. Pallikaranai, Chennai

Project Description

    Deep into the Brain analysis - Artificial Intelligence in Brain Imaging.
Machine learning is a technique of AI that is widely used in interpreting medical images. It recognizes patterns of imaging information and renders medical diagnosis. With good accuracy AI model can reduce the amount of time spend by medical experts to examine the scanned and x-ray images. Prediction of treatment complications may be useful for screening a high-risk group receiving acute and timely treatment.

this project contains two main phases, 1. classification and 2.segmentation . Our implementation strategies for brain anomaly detection is using Machine learning and Deep learning model . Life Science with image analytics is one of the hot topics in AI and DL research field.

Project Tasks

  • 1 Brain image data collection
  • 2image augmentation for segmentation - Pre-processing
  • 3Automatic Brain segmentation using Deep Learning
  • 4Identification and Classification of the Fatal Brain in segmented part
  • 5Development of Brain anomaly data model Using AI and Deep Learning.
  • 6Evaluating - Brain anomalies model
  • 7Data Visualizing - what deep neural networks learn with brain images
  • 8Predict using new set of MRI scan images.

Installation & Setting-up

    Its choice of students, one can visit our centre In Pallikaranai, Chennai for the final year project traininig and implementation. Project conculting and training on brain anomaly detection, student can get overall knowledge on Image processing and Image analytics . Students from different city can easily engage with us over remote. Project training and installation of related tools will be taken care by our experts over remote system sharing.

Our Pallikaranai, Chennai project training institute offers best training courses on AI, Deep learning, Machine Learnig and Big Data Hadoop, No-SQL. In the centre we also providing projects related training and development on Fatal brain anomaly detection, segmentstion and Classification in Pallikaranai, Chennai.

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