Crime analysis & criminal facial recognition

Project Description

    In the modern culture, surveillance system is everyware. But it extreamly used once crime is happened and kind of post mordem analysis. Implementing facial recognition on surveillance will be more beneficial and it prevent crime atleast for a knwon list of criminals.

Crime department understand the value of facial recognition and moving forward to implement the same. To complete this project, you should be in compartale level of deep learning and similarity algorithams. Our implementation of this approach completely afresh with tensor and AI.

Project Tasks

  • 1 The power of Computer Vision
  • 2Implementing CNN with Tensor
  • 3Image processing
  • 4Image Augmentation for Deep Learning
  • 5Creating image model with Tensor
  • 6Tuninig Hyper paramenters
  • 7Model output - Visualization
  • 8Metrics to Evaluate Model
  • 9Recognition face with new set of images.

Installation & Setting-up

    Its choice of students, one can visit our centre for the traininig and implementation of the Facical Recognition. Students from different city can easily engage with us over remote. Project training and installation of related tools will be taken care by our experts over remote system sharing.

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