Fake News Classification Using AI and Transfer Learning Pallikaranai, Chennai

Project Description

    A Deep survey about the classification of the fake news data by finding the relationship between headline of the news and actual content of the news using the Siamese architecture , embedded with ELMo Transfer learning technique.

Fake news / Spam mail detection is one of the major problem in Machine Learning and NLP. Here we have using deep learning and Transfer Learning methode to solve the fake spam news. Our implementation of this approach completely afresh with Transfer, TensorFlow and AI.

Project Tasks

  • 1 Data collection and preprocessing
  • 2Model creation
  • 3Training and validation
  • 4Model comparison
  • 5Analysing the results
  • 6Tuninig Hyper paramenters
  • 7Model output - Visualization
  • 8Fake Spam News Classification with new set of data

Installation & Setting-up

    Its choice of students, one can visit our centre for the traininig and implementation of the Fake Spam news classification. Students from different city can easily engage with us over remote. Project training and installation of related tools will be taken care by our experts over remote system sharing.

Our Pallikaranai, Chennai training institute offers best training courses on AI, Deep learning and Machine Learnig. In the centre we also providing projects related training and development on Fake news classification in Pallikaranai, Chennai.

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