PySpark with Machine Learning - Spark ML training in Pallikaranai, Chennai

Continuous intelligence is one of the major trend in Data Analytics as predicted by Gartner. Apply data analytics Massive amount of data required a specialized environment rather than simple Python and R programe.

This course designed such a way to handle data analytics problem like prediction and NLP in huge amount of data. We at SPLASH - provide in-detail about handling massive amount of data and performing Data analytics on it.

Big data job market is diverse, most popular job description in big data is, Hadoop Administrator and Big Data Developer. SPLASH - customized Apache Spark Developer training provides in-detail about Spark with Scala trainining in Pallikaranai, Chennai and Big data hadoop ecosystem training in Pallikaranai, Chennai.

Apache Spark with ML Training Syllabus


ML with PySpark


  • Introduction to distributed computing
  • Overview of Big data environment

SPARK System Architecture

  • Spark Architecture 
  • Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs)
  • Spark DataFrame 
  • Spark installation
  • Spark configuration

SPARK Working Environment

  • Set up PySpark for your Jupyter notebook 
  • PySpark Data Frame - Overview & Operation
  • Compare Python Pandas Dataframe VS PySprk Dataframe 
  • Statistical inference using PySpark and Spark
  • Working with SQL queries on PySpark DataFrame

Machine learning on SPARK Mlib

  • Overview of machine learning
  • PySpark SQL
  • Pyspark MLlib
  • Data pipeline 

Predictive analytics using PySpark

  • Data Manipulation using PySpark
  • Linear Regression with Mlib

Classification with Spark Mlib

  • Logistic PySpark Logistic regression Model
  • Decision Tree Classifier using PySpark
  • Random Forest Classifier using PySpark
  • Gradient-Boosted Tree Classifier using PySpark

Clustering in Apache SPARK Mlib 

  • Clustering - use case with PySpark
  • KMeans clustering with Mlib


If one good in basic of Data Analytics, learning Big data analytics is much simpler. One can master in Data analytics by Learning Data analytics using Python or Data analytics using R

Big data processing and creating pipleline task in Big Data environemnt is actually a day to day activities along with Big data administration. If you are looking out Big data Hadoop training and Big data Spark with Scala trainig is designed such a way to deal with Big data operations.

SPLASH - A DATA training institute, our attention towards DATA. Our custome training course are relevent to the job market.